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‘Ster Crazy Productions, Inc. (SCPI) is the brain child of Matthew Shack. He is an established entrepreneur, music producer, actor, entertainment promoter, celebrity interviewer, and entertainment journalist.

‘Ster Crazy Productions began as the hobby of Matthew Shack. At age eight, Matthew aka Shackster discovered his raw talent for music and began studying the piano. By the age of 12, Matthew had begun to outgrow the piano and decided it was time to change instruments and move onto the Alto Saxophone. By 19, Matthew had found his passion in the electric guitar after witnessing Prince’s performance in Purple Rain.

In 1986, Matthew found himself engaged in regular production activities at Stone Records, Rocket Records and regular studio session work.

In 1991, Matthew founded ‘Ster Crazy Productions in order to fulfill his need to make his music his way. In 1994, Columbia Pictures and Epic Records enlisted Shackster’s services and gave his music a louder voice and wider audience.

In 1995, Matthew continued to build his company with a new deal with Motown and filed his articles of incorporation.

In 1998, Matthew opened The Den, a nightclub catering to the 21 to 36 year old demographic and as one of the most successful club in the Bay Area for three consecutive years., the Den continues to thrive and support the local community through poetry reading and regular showcases for unknown talent.

In 2003, Matthew continued adding depth to his list of services and established associate agreements with several key organizations that allowed him to continue offering his core services in music production while leveraging the talents of his associates and address the needs of his customers.

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Matthew Shack

Founder & CEO

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