My musical discography includes writing and instrumentation on John Singleton’s “Higher Learning” Soundtrack for Columbia Pictures, as well as sub-scoring scenes and doing remixes for Epic and Motown Records. 

I have also scored several animated shorts for Urban Entertainment, which produced the hit film, “Undercover Brother” starring Eddie Griffin, as well as six episodes for MTV Networks: (“When I was 17”, “10 on Top”) .
Also, I am the Executive Producer, Co-Star and Composer of the Animated Series “Mac N’ Shack”.  My mentor is legendary film composer, Lalo Schifrin (Mission: Impossible, Bullitt, Rush Hour)

Animation / Voice Over / Music Production

Mac N’ Shack

Mac N’ Shack, the animated series, Episode 3; “Star Wars VII, The Force Awakens.”  Episode 3 dives right into the controversy of a Black lead character in the 7th installment of the great SciFi epic.